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Romantic things to do in the city

When asked to think of a romantic getaway, most will dream of faraway places like Italy or Tahiti. You don't have to travel so far to take a romantic excursion - cities offer lots of great romantic activities. In fact, most local cities are great destinations for short romantic trips. Cities offer a lot of romantic things to do, like trip to famous museums, picnics in beatiful botanical gardens, and visits to art galleries, just to name a few. Here are few things that you and your sweetie can do for a romantic city getaway:

  1. Carriage ride through the park
  2. Have a picnic at your favorite library or garden
  3. Plan a foodie scavenger hunt through the city for culinary delights that you both enjoy (i.e. favorite ice cream flavors, sushi sampling, share a milkshake at a diner, etc.)
  4. Ice skating in the winter
  5. Catch a play or a show during the day
  6. Do a fancy dinner and buy tickets for a concert to follow
  7. Find a latin club/restaurant and see if they have free salsa dancing lessons during dinner
  8. Get dressed up and treat yourselves to a dinner cruise
  9. Find a spot where you can overlook the whole city and do some stargazing
  10. Catch a drive-in movie
  11. Find a coffee shop where you can sit and chat
  12. Take a culinary class together
  13. Go ahead and splurge for one night - book a top-of-the-line hotel and live it up in luxury for one night!
  14. Check out local music or food festivals
  15. Every city has a Chinatown - go explore and see what delights you will find!

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