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Romantic date night ideas

Whether you are just dating, have been dating for awhile, are engaged, married, or with kids -- one thing's for sure: you need to take time for yourselves and have date nights on a regular basis. Our Romantic Travel Experts have a few romantic date night ideas to help keep things fresh:

  1. Instead of the usual movie at a theater, try something new and take in some live entertainment at a local bar.
  2. Choose a TV Show that you both enjoy, get a whole season's worth of episodes on DVD and make it an ongoing date night to watch it together.
  3. Make a dinner menu that only has tapas and finger foods and feed each other lovingly.
  4. Don't forget to dress up for each other once in awhile. It's nice to go out on the town looking sharp. It's even nice to see when other people outside of your relationship comment just how nice you look.
  5. Nothing says romantic date night like a candlelit dinner at home.
  6. Make a music playlist and have an indoor picnic.
  7. For those seafood lovers, pick up some precooked crab legs and shrimp and have your own seafood fest at home. You won't have to worry about flying shells landing on other people's plates.
  8. Check with local museums and see when they have their free admission nights and go on a low-budget date.
  9. Take a nice walk through a local park and end that date with a trip to the ice cream shop.
  10. Jump in the car and explore neighborhoods you'd love to live in. Go ahead, check out the model homes too!
  11. Pick a country that you or your sweetie would love to visit. Do a little research on that country and try to recreate it in your house. You can decorate with posters, flowers, or photos. Also find out about the regional music, foods and wine.
  12. Take a test drive of a fun, sporty car for a fast and furious date night.
  13. If you have friends that have a parked boat/yacht, ask if you can borrow it for one night to have a surprise romantic dinner with your better half.
  14. Grab a handful of pennies and go visit a fountain. Take turns making wishes out loud as you throw your lucky pennies.
  15. Take dance lessons - good ones for couples are swing, salsa, ballroom.
  16. Have a night out on the town and see a comedy act or an improv show.
  17. Stay in and reminisce about when you first fell in love, complete with pictures and stories that make you smile.
  18. See if local wine stores have tastings - try something new.
  19. Be daring and sign up to perform a duet at a karaoke bar - go on, it'll be fun!
  20. Grab that old loaf of bread and spend the afternoon feeding the ducks.
  21. Dust off one of those recipe books and choose a recipe that you can both cook together.
  22. Draw a bubble bath, open up a bottle of champagne and light some candles for an intimate evening.
  23. Go to a new restaurant and split a dessert.
  24. Call up a couple friends and host a tacos, margaritas and beer dinner.
  25. Dig those old board games out of the closet and have a night full of friendly competition.

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