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Is a destination wedding right for you?

A destination wedding can be an amazing way for you and your husband to begin your new life together. Imagine being married on a gorgeous beach at sunset, in a castle, or on a cruise ship at sea! Add the company of family and friends and you will have wonderful lifetime memories.

Destination weddings have gained popularity for several reasons. Some are:

  • Complimentary Wedding Packages: Many resorts offer wedding packages which simplify the planning process. Packages often include a minister or justice of peace, arrangements for the marriage license, bride's bouquet, a wedding cake, champagne and a wedding coordinator.
  • Opportunity for amazing wedding photos: Many brides are taking part in the new trend of "trash the dress." What is a better location than on a beautiful Caribbean beach, or in a romantic European castle?
  • Budget-friendly: Not only will you save money by not having a large reception, but you don't have to feel guilty for keeping the guest list small.
  • Hip alternative: Destination weddings allow couples to combine an incredible ceremony with the best honeymoon.

Some destination weddings are for two; others include a few close family and friends; and some turn out to be large events with multiple parties over a long wedding weekend. So is a destination wedding right for you? Consider the following issues and answer the following questions.

Are you a control freak?
When planning a wedding in a far destination, it is important to remember that you will not have as much control of the actual outcome, since most planning is taking place from a distance. When working with laid back destinations such as the Bahamas, emails can go unanswered and questions only partially answered. Will you be ok with that? In fact, most ceremony choices are made upon your arrival, which is commonly 3-4 days prior to the wedding. For brides that are not focused on the details (the perfect flowers, a world class wedding cake), but instead are more excited about the beautiful setting and the people who will be joining them, a destination wedding is a great decision. They are usually less time consuming and even less stressful.

Will family and friends join you? If so, how important is it to you if one of your VIPs can't make it?
When you are planning a wedding that requires long distance travel, not everyone will be able to attend. Keeping that in mind, you should consider a destination that is relatively easy for everyone to travel to. Not to say that you have to compromise your dream destination, but just be considerate of your guests. Also consider the cost of travel - your guests will have to be in charge of their own travel arrangements. If you really want your favorite aunt, uncle and their two kids to be at your wedding, you should be aware not to choose a destination that will require a flight with multiple connections. Traveling with children can be difficult, and multi-leg itineraries can add on extra stress. Consider a little bit of polling within the family and friends and see what their thoughts or concerns may be when it comes to their travel possibilities. Every couple will need to consider how important the presence of family and friends that may not be able attend is to them.

What is your budget?
One of the appealing factors of destination weddings is that it will often cost less than a traditional wedding (at home). Determine how much you can put toward the various elements of the wedding and our Destination Wedding Specialists can help you to find a resort that accommodates your budget and provides a true value.

Destination wedding brides tend to be nontraditional and adventurous. They want something unique, something different from the norm. If you think you are the type of bride who can relax even when your wedding day doesn't turn out exactly as you planned or envisioned it to be, then a destination wedding suits you and you are in for an amazing party to be filled with many special memories!

Call our Destination Wedding Specialists today at 1-800-331-1366 and let us help make your dreams come true.

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