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Vow renewal ceremonies

Long gone are the days when couples stayed together for "better or worse" - it seems that divorce is more accepted in our society nowadays. So a vow renewal is that much more special when a couple stays together through thick and thin. This is a major cause for celebration! There are several wonderful reasons for to want a Vow Renewal Ceremony - see if any of these apply to you:

  • If you and your better half have hit a significant anniversary or just want to renew your vows.
  • Your first marriage was only a legal marriage and now you want to do it in a religious ceremony.
  • Your original wedding day had some sort of disaster and your spouse promised a do-over.
  • You couldn't afford a wedding before, but now you can.
  • You had a small, intimate destination wedding and this time, you want to share your vows with all of your family and friends present.
  • You want to reaffirm your commitment to each other.

Believe it or not, there are bad reasons to have a Vow Renewal Ceremony:

  • You want to throw a second wedding because you missed the wedding planning.
  • You want to receive more "wedding-like" gifts.

Etiquette to a Vow Renewal

Vow renewals are more like anniversary parties - to celebrate a milestone in your marriage life together. They can be small, nondescript gatherings or they can become big events, almost like a second wedding reception party. Since the vows were not broken, the ceremony should be a celebration of the keeping of those vows. In the case that a couple encounters rocky times in their marriage and come back together to reconcile, then vow renewals are an even greater cause for celebration. Lavish gifts should not be expected from your guests. Again, it is more of an anniversary party vs. a wedding do-over and gifts are welcome, but not by any means expected.

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