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Modern anniversary gifts

Every anniversary is special and deserves to be celebrated! For wedding anniversaries, it's especially important to remember why you fell in love in the first place and take that time to reconnect. Going away on a romantic anniversary trip is a great alternative to traditional and modern anniversary gifts. It's easy to buy material things, but nothing says "I love you" like traveling and creating memories together.

The best kind of anniversary gifts are trips with no distractions. How about taking a break from the everyday hustle and bustle by visiting the countryside and checking into a bed and breakfast, experiencing food and wine in beautiful vineyards, and have a relaxing picnic for 2 on the beach? Doesn't that sound like a great alternative to wood, the traditional gift for a 5 year anniversary?

Our Romantic Travel Experts have taken the list of ideas for traditional and modern anniversary gifts and put a travel-related spin on them.

Call us today at 1-800-331-1366 and let us help you plan your perfect anniversary trip!

1st Anniversary
Traditional: Paper
Modern: Plastic/Clock
Travel: Paper airplane tickets

2nd Anniversary
Traditional: Cotton
Modern: Cotton/China
Travel: Cotton beach towel for a weekend trip to the beach

3rd Anniversary
Traditional: Leather
Modern: Crystal/Glass
Travel: Leather luggage tags for a quick getaway

4th Anniversary
Traditional: Flowers
Modern: Linen/Silk
Travel: Hawaiian sarong wrap for a trip to Hawaii

5th Anniversary
Traditional: Wood
Modern: Silverware
Travel: Visit a cozy Bed & Breakfast

6th Anniversary
Traditional: Candy
Modern: Iron
Travel: Road trip to a candy factory (Ideas: Jelly Belly factory north of San Francisco, Hershey factory in Pennsylvania)

7th Anniversary
Traditional: Copper
Modern: Wood/Brass
Travel: Ski trip to Copper Mountain Ski Resort, Colorado

8th Anniversary
Traditional: Bronze
Modern: Appliance
Travel: Fly to Paris, France - to see bronze statue "The Thinker"

9th Anniversary
Traditional: Pottery
Modern: Leather
Travel: All-inclusive in Mexico

10th Anniversary
Traditional: Tin
Modern: Aluminum
Travel: Trip to South America

11th Anniversary
Traditional: Steel
Modern: Jewelry
Travel: New York City is calling!

12th Anniversary
Traditional: Silk
Modern: Linen/Pearl
Travel: Visit Japan and get a silk kimono for her

13th Anniversary
Traditional: Lace
Modern: Textiles
Travel: Cross the pond over to London

14th Anniversary
Traditional: Ivory
Modern: Gold
Travel: Africa

15th Anniversary
Traditional: Crystal
Modern: Glass/Watches
Travel: Switzerland

20th Anniversary
Traditional: China
Modern: Platinum
Travel: China/Asia Cruise

25th Anniversary
Traditional: Silver
Modern: Silver
Travel: All-inclusive to Mexico

30th Anniversary
Traditional: Pearl
Modern: Diamond
Travel: Bora Bora

35th Anniversary
Traditional: Coral
Modern: Jade
Travel: Caribbean Island getaway

40th Anniversary
Traditional: Ruby
Modern: Garnet
Travel: Tulip time river cruise - see all the wonderful colors of springtime in Europe!

45th Anniversary
Traditional: Sapphire
Modern: Sapphire
Travel: Luxury Cruise

50th Anniversary
Traditional: Gold
Modern: Gold
Travel: World Cruise

55th Anniversary
Traditional: Emerald
Modern: Turquoise
Travel: Ireland, Iceland, Scotland

60th Anniversary
Traditional: Diamond
Modern: Gold
Travel: Australia, New Zealand

75th Anniversary
Traditional: Diamond
Modern: Gold
Travel: World Cruise

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